Definitions for "Toltec"
Keywords:  tula, mesoamerican, aztec, maya, mexico
One of a race which formerly occupied Mexico.
The Mayan word for "makers of things." The Toltecs invaded the Mayas from the north and contributed to the fall of the Classic Mayan civilizations. The Toltec capital flourished at Tula from abut 900 to 1200.
Native Americans from the city of Tollan.
A path of nagualism, in which awareness, transformation, and intent are primary considerations.
The term "Toltec" is used in the works of writer Carlos Castaneda to denote a person who has achieved a high state of awareness. Castaneda makes it clear that his use of the term "Toltec" is specialized and does not refer to the Toltec people in general.
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an artist, an artist of the Spirit