Definitions for "Nabob"
Keywords:  nawab, mogul, empire, wealthy, governor
A deputy or viceroy in India; a governor of a province of the ancient Mogul empire.
One who returns to Europe from the East with immense riches: hence, any man of great wealth.
A derivation of 'nawab' used to describe high-ranking, wealthy Englishmen who returned from India with a large fortune acquired there.
NABOB was a joke file compression and archiving tool created by Thomas M. Tuerke (SysOp of Gravesend BBS) and Al Kalian (SysOp of Palladin BBS) at the height of the compression wars that resulted from the legal conflicts between ARC and Phil Katz. In response to so many tools touting the effectiveness of their compression algorithms over those of the opposition, and a proliferation of tools and archive formats, Tuerke and Kalian created NABOB, with accompanying documentation that claimed it to be the ultimate archiving tool yielding better compression than any of the others.
Nabob is a brand of coffee produced by Kraft Foods and sold in Canada. The Nabob Coffee Company originated in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1896, and was purchased by Kraft in 1994. Nabob produces several different blends of coffee which are available in a typical Canadian supermarket.
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Northern Ireland.