Definitions for "Alexander the Great"
356–323 BC; traveled south down the Mediterranean coast to Egypt in 332 BCE; Although he did not attempt to conquer Petra, he did confiscate tons of their trade goods when he captured the port of Gaza. Alexander’s successor, Antigonus, did attempt to take Petra, but was not entirely successful.
king of Macedon; conqueror of Greece and Egypt and Persia; founder of Alexandria (356-323 BC)
(356 - 323 BC) The king of Macedonia from 336 - 323 who went on to conquer all of Greece, the Persian Empire and Egypt. He marched all the way to India before his troops forced him to turn back. He died from drinking too much on the way back.
Alexander the Great is a 1956 sword and sandal epic film written, directed and produced by Robert Rossen with Gordon S. Griffith as executive producer. It was released by United Artists and starred Richard Burton as Alexander.
Alexander the Great is a board wargame published in 1971 by Guidon Games and again in 1974 by Avalon Hill. Printed when board wargaming was relatively new, this game was designed by Donald Greenwood and Gary Gygax.