Definitions for "Roma"
Personified Goddess of the City of Rome.
a short walking distance from many of Rome's main attractions
In Roman mythology, Roma was a deity personifying the Roman state, or an personification in art of the city of Rome (as seen on the column of Antoninus Pius).
a DNA microarray chip methodology that enables the researchers to scan the entire genome at high resolution and to identify the disease-causing mutations directly, greatly accelerating the process of identifying disease genes
Representational Oligonucleotide Microarray Analysis (ROMA) is a technique that was developed by Michael Wigler and Rob Lucito at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in 2003. Wigler and Lucito currently run laboratories at CSHL using ROMA to explore genomic copy number variation in cancer and other genetic diseases.
Roma is a 2004 Spanish/Argentine film directed by Adolfo Aristarain and starring Juan Diego Botto, Susú Pecoraro and José Sacristán. It was nominated for four Goya Awards in 2005.
Roma is a fictional character featured in numerous Marvel Comics titles. She is the daughter of Merlyn. Roma is the Omniversal Guardian, charged with the safety of the Omniverse.
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Roma was the debut studio album by British singer and producer Terry Ronald released in 1991.
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a web application framework for building Ajax powered web applications from simple POJO s
"Rom" means man or person and is the collective designation for European "Gypsies." (See "Gypsies," "Sinti")
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Roman Catholic Church
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