Definitions for "Nicanor"
Nicanor (in Greek Nικάνωρ; lived 4th century BC) was the father of Balacrus, the Macedonian satrap of Cilicia. It is probably this Nicanor who is alluded to in an anecdote related by Plutarch of Philip II of Macedon, as a person of some distinction during the reign of that monarch.
Nicanor (in Greek Nικάνωρ) lived in 4th century BC and was a friend and a general for Ptolemy, the son of Lagus, who was dispatched by the Ptolemaic Egyptian king in 320 BC with an army to reduce Syria and Phoenicia. He took Laomedon, the governor of those provinces, prisoner.
Nicanor (in Greek Nικάνωρ; executed 318 BC), a Macedonian officer under Cassander, by whom he was secretly despatched immediately on the death of Antipater, 319 BC, to take the command of the Macedonian garrison at Munychia, in Attica. Nicanor arrived at Athens before the news of Antipater's death, and thus readily obtained possession of the fortress, which he afterwards refused to give up notwithstanding the orders of Polyperchon. He however entered into friendly relations with Phocion, and through his means began to negotiate with the Athenians, who demanded the withdrawal of the Macedonian garrison from Munychia, according to the decree just issued by Polyperchon.