Definitions for "Tripolis"
An ancient city within the borders of today's Yenicekent. It is in the ancient region of Lydia.
Tripolis (Greek: Τρίπολις, Eth. Τριπολίτης) – also Neapolis, Apollonia, and Antoninopolis – was an ancient city of Phrygia (also attributed to Caria and Lydia, on the northern bank of the upper course of the Maeander, and on the road leading from Sardes by Philadelphia to Laodicea ad Lycum. (It. Ant. p. 336; Tab.
Tripolis (Greek: Τρίπολις), formerly Ischopolis, was an ancient fortress city in Pontus Polemoniacus, on a river of the same name, and with a tolerably good harbor; it is now the site of Tirebolu, Giresun Province, Turkey. It belonged to the Mosynœci and was situated at a distance of 18 km from Cape Zephyrium. (Arrian, Peripl.