Definitions for "Memphis"
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place - (mem-FEES) Old Kingdom capital of Egypt until 1500 BCE. The village had 100,000 people living in it at the height of its power, and lasted until the first millennium, CE, when a shift in the Nile's course left the port city more than a mile away from the river.
largest city of Tennessee; located in southwestern Tennessee on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River
an ancient city of Egypt on the Nile (south of Cairo)
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Memphis is a musical duo consisting of long-time friends Torquil Campbell and Chris Dumont.
Memphis is a musical written by David Bryan (of Bon Jovi fame) and Joe Di Pietro. It debuted off-Broadway in 2002 and has won critical acclaim since.
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A modern style of design from about 1950 to 1970 that is still considered by many as a stylish fad. The Memphis style was created by a group of furniture and household accessory designers that were known for erratic, avant garde, and anti-establishment styles. Popular characteristics of the Memphis style include the use of bright colors, fantastic forms and intentional elements of bad taste.
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Memphis is an album recorded by Roy Orbison for MGM Records. The album was released in November of 1972 .
The capital of the first Lower Egyptian nome. Memphis was an important administrative center during most of the pharaonic period.
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a close second