Definitions for "Polis"
A Greek word meaning city.
(po·lis). A Greco-Roman free-state generally consisting of a city built around an acropolis and surrounded by agricultural land. Necessary elements included "a public town center and marketplace (the square agora); a hall for the city council (the bouleterion); baths; temples to the Greek (later Roman) gods; a theater; a gymnasium (a combined higher school and sports training ground); preferably a library and a sports stadium; and if a big city, also a hippodrome" ( Skarsaune 2002:31).
a bustling little town in the North West of Cyprus on the edge of Chrysochou Bay
Belt polity intermediate in size between deme and Cluster. Typically a single habitat cylinder or torus.
Organisation employed to harrass and intimidate under-twelves.
a community in which the members of the community collegially legislate the form of their shared life, as opposed to others -- even "representatives" -- determining their form of life "for" them
a self-sufficing community without all of its members or even a large number of them being self-governing
state or society characterized by a sense of community
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