Definitions for "Parents"
To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming, denotes harmony and pleasant associates. If they appear to you after they are dead, it is a warning of approaching trouble, and you should be particular of your dealings. To see them while they are living, and they seem to be in your home and happy, denotes pleasant changes for you. To a young woman, this usually brings marriage and prosperity. If pale and attired in black, grave disappointments will harass you. To dream of seeing your parents looking robust and contented, denotes you are under fortunate environments your business and love interests will flourish. If they appear indisposed or sad, you will find life's favors passing you by without recognition. See Father and Mother.
Parents is a 1989 horror film directed by Bob Balaban. The film is about a disturbed young boy living in 1950s suburbia who suspects his parents of cannibalism. The film starred Randy Quaid, Mary Beth Hurt, Sandy Dennis, and Bryan Madorsky.
Doll Games’ Arcadian world of adventure and romance thrived on the absence of parents, excluded both from Shelley’s room and from the narratives of pirate ship, desert island, etc. Restricted to the opening scenes of running away games, parents nonetheless haunted the imagination of Doll Games, returning in surrogate form to run the orphanage and boarding school (see orphanage)
See parental responsibility . (See Judicial-civil: Divorce and Parental responsibility)
As defined by the DfES, 'parents' should be taken to include all those with parental responsibility including corporate parents and carers.
refers to the adult or adults repsponsible for the infant or child
The next level of classes above a specific class in the inheritance hierarchy. Those from which a class directly inherits.