Definitions for "European"
Of or pertaining to Europe, or to its inhabitants.
A native or an inhabitant of Europe.
a native or inhabitant of Europe Mississippi: A Site for All Seasons
of or relating to or characteristic of Europe or the people of Europe; "European Community"
People who identify as being New Zealand European (New Zealander, Päkehä, Kiwi), Australian, Dutch, Greek, English, Scottish, Irish, Eurasian, Caucasian, or any other European group. See Ethnic group, ethnicity for how people were allocated to an ethnic group when more than one was specified.
Someone originally from the continent of Europe.
a dysfunctional nationalist
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Documentation Centre: The Library at UCC has been a designated European Documentation Centre (EDC) since 1973. The administrative centre is located on the Ground Floor (Q). It contains official publications and documents of the institutions of the European Union, including legislation, proposals, reports and general publications. All the documents in the EDC are reference only, and cannot be borrowed.
These are homes with a lot of visual excitement. There can be many roof lines and generally many gables. The undulating façade gives it a "castle" feel. The exterior material would be stone, brick, stucco, or a combination of two or more materials.
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a useful being in these countries