Definitions for "Metis "
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The offspring of a white person and an American Indian.
The offspring of a white person and a quadroon; an octoroon.
People of mixed European and Native American race.
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Mother of Athena and first wife to Zeus. Metis, as one of the younger Titanides and daughter of Okeanis, was a pre Olympian goddess of wisdom who assisted Zeus by supplying the potion that made Kronos regurgitate his devoured children. She was ultimately repaid with a similar fate. Zeus ate her for fear of a prophecy that a son born to them would rise to take his place
A innermost moon of Jupiter was discovered by Steven Synnott in March 4, 1979. Metis is also designated as "Jupiter XVI" and "S/1979 J3". In Greek mythology, Metis was the first wife of zeus and the mother of Athena.
cunning (Odysseus)
This is a tool to collect information from web servers and to spider the web sites. This was written for the Open Source Security Testing Methodology located on description.htm. The spider is a multi-threaded resusable module that can be used in other projects.
Metis is a familiy of client and server products for creating, visualizing, changing, sharing and managing visual enterprise models. It was originally created by a Norwegian company named Metis AS, which was bought by Digital Equipment Corporation. Metis was then sold AT&T.
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