Definitions for "Minerva"
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The goddess of wisdom, of war, of the arts and sciences, of poetry, and of spinning and weaving; -- identified with the Grecian Pallas Athene.
Goddess of Wisdom, Learning, the Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Dyeing, Trade, and of War.
Roman goddess of wisdom and invention; known as Athena to the Greeks
A human character from Transformers Masterforce, Minerva was one of three human children to use the Transtectors to become Cybertron Headmasters, serving as the team's medic. Her Transtector was a Porsche 959. She is non-violent by nature so she never uses her weapons to take another's life.
Minerva plc is a London based British developer and property firm co-founded by the millionaire philanthropist Sir David Garrard. Its current chairman is Andrew Rosenfeld. Garrard and Rosenfeld took the company public in 1996.
MINERVA is an episodic series of single-player mods created by Adam Foster for Valve Corporation's Half-Life 2. Installments are released as each is finalized: the first two releases for the Metastasis episode have already been made, and work is currently underway on the third and last before Chronoclasm is started.
Minerva is the first single from American rock band Deftones 4th studio album, Deftones, released in 2003. The song's meaning does not seem particularly clear to a number of listeners, and many meanings have been attributed to it. The two most popular are that the song is about the history of either Chino's family or that of the band.
Written by in England, Minerva was a reimplementation of Sinclair QDOS, the built-in operating system of the Sinclair QL line of personal computers. Minerva incorporated many bug fixes and enhancements to both QDOS and the Super BASIC programming language. Later versions also provided the capability of multi-tasking several instances of the SuperBASIC interpreter, something not supported by QDOS.
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An advanced content management and portal solution forked from phpBB to add support for components, blocks, modules and layout management. Simple and consistent APIs provide a framework for 3rd party developers to create their own bespoke applications.
The online catalog at the University at Albany.
Minerva is the name used to represent all administrative computer systems at McGill that access the Banner (Oracle) database. The Banner database includes student, employee and financial information for the University.
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An online job-fair, where students can put there CVs and read offers from companies. Check it out now
Program for recruitment services and job-fairs
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All 1925-48 models except 4-cyl are classic car.
a declarative language that inherits and combines the advantages of Java and Prolog, resulting in a very practical tool
an on-line system for analyzing pathological images or manifestations