Definitions for "HERA"
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Believed by the Ancient Greeks to be the Queen of the gods.
Sister and wife to Zeus. Olympian Goddess of virtuous love. Protector of women and the family
Queen of the gods and wife of Zeus according to classical Greek mythology.
An accelerator, located at the DESY laboratory, that collides 920 GeV protons and 30 GeV electrons. For further information, see .
a unique facility in the world where electrons and protons are accelerated to the highest collision energies ever attained
Hadron Electron Ring Accelerator: electron-proton collider of 6.3 km circumference at DESY.
The Education Competencies Consortium (ECC) developed HERA as a computerised job evaluation scheme specifically for the Higher Education sector. HERA has been under development since 1995.
an analytical job evaluation system
Higher Education Role Analysis – the job evaluation scheme for higher education.
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a feminine hero
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Haryana Electricity Reforms Act
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A small tool from Japan made of wood or plastic and used instead of a finger nail to finger press seams or to "draw" a line by indenting the fabric with the edge of the hera.