Definitions for "Accelerator"
3D fast-paced dodge/shoot-'em-up, created using friendly, portable technologies such as Python and OpenGL. Originally conceived and developed in one week for first ever PyWeek challenge.
Any material added to stucco, plaster, cement, or mortar which speeds up the setting process.
Hardware that is added to improve performance of your computer, includes a combination of an accelerator board and graphics accelerator. The accelerator board replaces the CPU with a higher performance model CPU and the graphics accelerator performs faster access to graphics.
Gas pedal or throttle. A foot-operated pedal or hand-operated lever connected by linkage or a cable to the throttle plate in the carburetor.
The pedal on the driver's side floor that controls the amount of fuel delivered to the engine and ultimately the speed of the car.
a pedal that controls the throttle valve; "he stepped on the gas"
Accelerators are ring-shaped or linear devices that accelerate charged particles. More powerful than any other microscope, high-energy accelerators allow physicists to study matter at the smallest scale human beings have ever seen, exposing the quarks inside a proton. At the same time, high-energy accelerators can produce collisions that recreate the conditions of the early universe – though in a much smaller volume. Creating tiny fireballs of high density and high temperature, physicists produce the particles that were abundant in the early universe, a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang. More.
A device found in some semiautomatic firearms that, through mechanical advantage or spring energy, transfers kinetic energy from one part of the mechanism to another with the resultant speeding up of the action.
a scientific instrument that increases the kinetic energy of charged particles
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A key or combination of keys provided as a shortcut for choosing a command. Accelerators are most commonly used with menu commands, but may also be used for other frequent actions.
A key or sequence of keys (typically a modifier key and some other key) that provides a "shortcut," for accessing functionality.
a description for an event that invokes an action routine through a translation
a lotion, which moisturizes and stimulates the production of melanin
a product which boosts the level of tanning cells in your skin
A product that works under the surface of the skin and provides the necessary ingredients for melanin production, which will accelerate the rate at which the skin tans. An accelerator is most effective when used after a shower or at least four hours before tanning.
a collaborative, scalable, portal that builds on Casewise's proven enterprise architecture (EA) modeling tool Corporate Modeler
Mindjet MindManager Add-In that connects to enterprise data.
a real estate investing tool developed by asset protection and estate planning attorneys
Source: Economics: Principles & Practices Definition: change in investment spending caused by a change in overall spending (p. 448)
or acceleration principle - changes in the demand for consumer goods cause even greater changes in the demand for capital goods.
adware Altavista Discovery archive AtGuard
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See hotkey.
a workflow and document management generator, aimed specifically at setting up and documenting business unit structures that fit into SOX compliance mandates
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a first-rate tool to help address the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley
In ASAP, a collection of descriptive texts, how-to's, templates and examples on all subjects relating to the implementation of the R/3 System. Some are short information texts on a particular subject, others are longer texts such as white papers. There are also a number of predefined and empty templates or forms which you can use when carrying out your implementation.
a hardware solution that typically "bolts on" to the side of an existing heavyweight processor
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An institution similar to an incubator. Some accelerators claim they are different from traditional incubators because they specialize in helping companies that are further along than young start-ups.
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a keystroke defined by the application to give the user a quick way to perform a task
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a network cache server provided by the Internet Service Provider
an out-going cache for a site
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One who, or that which, accelerates. Also as an adj.; as, accelerator nerves.
a cost-effective, subscription-based service with a low monthly fee
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an add-on application
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