Definitions for "Scalable"
Capable of being scaled.
adj. Pertaining to the capability of a system to adapt readily to a greater or lesser intensity of use, volume or demand. For example, a scalable system can efficiently adapt to work with larger or smaller networks performing tasks of varying complexity.
''Scalable'' is a term that describes how well a system can be adapted and expanded to meet increased demands.
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A system that can grow to meet changing business needs without requiring major modification. EDO Publish, for example, can be used for sites ranging from tens of page up to tens of thousands of pages.
Able to be changed in size or configuration to suit changing conditions. For example, a scalable database can grow in the number of users it supports, in the number of records it stores, or in complexity.
Able to use the same applications and systems software on all classes of computers from desktop workstations to super computers.
A program designed on a workstation and can also be run on a larger machine (such as a supercomputer) is said to be scalable. Also, a computer to which more processors, disk drives, etc. can be added is referred to as scalable.
A system is scalable if it can be made to have more (or less) computational power by configuring it with a larger (or smaller) number of processors, amount of memory, inter connection bandwidth, input/output bandwidth, and mass storage. Last Reviewed: 2005-03-31
A property of vector graphics which allows them to be made larger or smaller without any degradation of the graphic.
A script, program or object and that can be used for large or small purposes without major changes. For example, MySQL is a scalable database because it can be used for small and large databases. A script that utilizes MySQL could be said to be a scalable solution because the database could accommodate growth.
The ability to make something bigger or smaller by degrees.
The ability of a product or network to accommodate growth.
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This term describes something that can easily be enlarged or reduced in size.