Definitions for "Installer"
Software used to install a program on the hard disk of a computer.
In order to install new software on your computer, you often need to run an ...
a computer program that installs an application, a driver, a set of media files etc onto a computer
A trained member of the COR-O-VAN team assigned the task of assembling or disassembling modular or systems furniture. They may also provide other services such as removal of white board units, hanging files and providing "earthquake" protection of several types.
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Project Discontinued
An independent service provider that installs the DIRECTV System.
a person approved by the county to install septic systems or components.
An individual, partnership or corporation responsible for placement and preparation for use of a [machine]. (B-11 Definitions Manual)
The person, qualified in sign installation practice, who takes responsibility for the quality of the installation and its testing.
One who connects into position, sets, or adjusts for use.
Skilled labor used to set up displays at trade shows. The union affiliation of the installer will vary based upon the locale and the facility in question.