Definitions for "Partnership"
A division or sharing among partners; joint possession or interest.
An alliance or association of persons for the prosecution of an undertaking or a business on joint account; a company; a firm; a house; as, to form a partnership.
A contract between two or more competent persons for joining together their money, goods, labor, and skill, or any or all of them, under an understanding that there shall be a communion of profit between them, and for the purpose of carrying on a legal trade, business, or adventure.
Partnership differs in case of Priority North: Estonia-Latvia-Russia and Priority South: Latvia- Lithuania- Belarus
To dream of forming a partnership with a man, denotes uncertain and fluctuating money affairs. If your partner be a woman, you will engage in some enterprise which you will endeavor to keep hidden from friends. To dissolve an unpleasant partnership, denotes that things will arrange themselves agreeable to your desires but if the partnership was pleasant, there will be disquieting news and disagreeable turns in your affairs.
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Close cooperation between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities.
Covers a wide range of possible relations. Welsh Assembly Scheme (Sept 00) helpfully describes different levels of partnership with a voluntary organisation as (increasing in involvement): Supporter, Agent, Adviser, Junior Membership, Joint Ownership, Community Ownership.
a relationship that exists between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities.
1) see pair 2) A pair who play together for an extended period.
A group that brings together different people and bodies with a commitment to manage the implementation of a scheme or initiative eg New Deal for Communities or SureStart. It may be made up of many interests eg members of the local community, Council, voluntary sector and agencies such as the Police or Health Service.
One or more people/services/organisations working co-operatively together for the benefit of service users. Can also mean professional(s) keeping service users fully informed in work with them.
(See Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education or IPSE)
The coalition, committee, consortium, or task force that spearheads the comprehensive cancer approach, as well as other supporters of the process.
The Malta Labour Party is proposing a special agreement, or "partnership" between Malta and the European Union instead of full membership. This agreement would cover major fields such as trade, taxation, defence, culture and education.
Party Wall
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See Fellowship, n., 6.
The connection made with ActiveSync to your desktop. The Partnership is stored on both the desktop and PC Companion.
alliances between individuals and/or groups.
Unmarried individuals who buy a piece of property have several options, such as a live-in partnership (in which both buyers share the residence) or a shared-equity partnership (one buyer lives in the home and the other is an investor in the property).
There are several partnership options for unmarried individuals to buy a piece of property, such as live-in partnerships (in which both buyers share the residence) or a shared-equity partnership (in which one buyer lives in the home and the other is an investor in the property).
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Plan Pre-emptive strategy
In an investment committee, a collegial organization in which each Partner has the same decision-making powers.
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See definition for: sync partnership
An association intended to achieve a common aim.
In vocational education and training, an association between a non-registered organisation and a registered training organisation to achieve recognised training.
An association of at least 2 people.
A practice consisting of more than one principal GP. A partnership may also have assistants and/or trainees.
The state or condition of being a partner; as, to be in partnership with another; to have partnership in the fortunes of a family or a state.
Legal form of ownership where the percentage of ownership is stated and not necessarily equal.
Equal involvement of different people and/or agencies.
A true expression of heartful interactions. Partners give and receive equally with each other. Partners help each other access the excellence within themselves.
Self Help carries out it's project work in partnership – with it's beneficiary communities, and with the government ministries in the regions where it is working.
A legal entity--a "thing" that the law recognizes as having an existence independent of its human partners. Partnerships can own property, like stocks and mutual funds, and can open and maintain accounts with banks and brokerage firms.