Definitions for "Social inclusion"
Process of improving the life chances of those suffering, or at risk of suffering, disadvantage and discrimination.
Ensuring the marginalised and those living in poverty have greater participation in decision making which affects their lives, allowing them to improve their living standards and their overall well-being.
A Europe-wide political objective, aimed at combating social discrimination, marginalisation and conflict due to age, disability, poverty or ethnicity. Particularly important due to the diversity of ethnic groups with the soon to be enlarged EU.
is the removal of institutional constraints and enhancement of incentives to increase the access of diverse individuals and groups to assets and development opportunities.
Involving people in the main body of society
Key strategic aim for both Councils, acting corporately and with others, to promote equality of opportunity and access to all that society has to offer that is beneficial.
The provision of adequate accessibility to housing, services and employment opportunites for everyone.