Definitions for "Community Planning"
Community planning groups are responsible for developing comprehensive HIV prevention plans that are directly responsive to the epidemics in their jurisdictions. The goal of HIV Prevention Community Planning is to improve the effectiveness of HIV prevention programs. Together in partnership, representatives of affected populations, epidemiologists, behavioral scientists, HIV/AIDS prevention service providers, health department staff, and others analyze the course of the epidemic in their jurisdiction, determine their priority intervention needs, and identify interventions to meet those needs. CDC supports implementation of an effective planning process.
The process where local authorities and partner organisations plan, promote, and provide for the well-being of their communities, putting the interests of communities at the heart of the process and ensuring that policy responds to real needs. Community planning promotes the active involvement of communities in decisions on local services which affect people's lives.
The process where a local authority and partner organisations come together to plan, provide and promote the well-being of their communities. It promotes the active involvement of communities in the decisions on local services which affect people’s lives including for example health, education, transport, the economy, safety and the environment.