Definitions for "investor"
An individual who commits money to investment products with the expectation...
Person or organization that buys property in the hope of making a profit.
A person who purchases an asset such as shares or property with the aim of generating income and capital gains.
A person or person(s) who invest in securities (i.e. Mortgage-Backed Securities).
One who makes investments. see also accredited investor, retail investor, lead investor, passive investor, institutional investor, qualified institutional investor.
Any entity that invests in mortgages or mortgage backed securities.
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Person or organisation who invests money or time.
The actual source of money for the mortgage. [] Go to: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | X | Y
An investor is a lenderâ€(tm)s source of funding.
a person who is entering Mexico to establish, develop, administer or provide advice or key technical services to the operations of an enterprise in which that business person has invested, or is actively in the process of investing
a person who puts ATTENTION into an enterprise or product which he or she believes will increase in value
a person who puts money into an enterprise or product (an investment) which he believes will increase in value
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A person who buys or sells securities for his or her own account or the account of others.
Someone who buy or sells short a stock and holds it for an indefinite period of time.
Someone who buys something because it will earn them money, through interest payments and maybe even through increased value.
An individual who typically has a long-term investment horizon and can select instruments that offer higher returns (and associated higher risk) over time. An investor is generally more comfortable with short-term market fluctuations, with the expectation that a long-term horizon historically tends to absorb these fluctuations and provide higher returns.
An organization, corporation, individual or other entity that acquires an ownership position in a project, thus assuming risk of loss in exchange for anticipated returns.
An individual who takes an ownership position in a company, thus assuming risk of loss in exchange for anticipated returns. Leverage: Measures the firm's use of borrowed funds versus those funds provided by the shareholders or owners (equity).
an individual or legal person, resident or non-resident, with the domicile or the registered office in Romania or abroad, who invests in Romania by any of the types of investments set forth by the law
A residential property who does not or will not reside in the property.
A borrower who owns or purchases a property as an investment rather than as a primary residence.
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an individual, establishment or a company that owns shares in a public joining stock company
a stocks and shares ISA, customers can choose either the Maxi or Mini ISA variant
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The owner of a asset who intends to hold the asset for the long run with the expectation of dividends.
The party that provides the funds to pay for the leased asset.
The owner of a financial asset.
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someone who makes an investment
An investor is any party that makes an Investment.
An individual or organization that invests in mortgages.
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One who invests.