Definitions for "Buy-back"
The purchase of a long position to offset a short position. Also, a corporation's repurchase of stock or bonds it has issued. Reasons for doing so include putting unused cash to use, raising earnings per share, increasing internal control of the company, and obtaining stock for employee stock option plans or pension plans.
a) In relation to managed funds or prescribed interests, a requirement on the investment manager to repurchase units from unitholders seeking to redeem part or all of their investment, even in cases where redemptions cannot be met by liquidating the assets of the fund; b) In relation to derivative markets, an offsetting purchase to ' cover' or liquidate a short sale.
an arrangement under which a house owner sells a house to a financier, but with an understanding that the house owner is able to repurchase the land, or has a right to repurchase the land
Form of Countertrade where payment for capital plant and equipment is made, in whole or in part, from the proceeds of using the plant or equipment.
A condition in a sales agreement whereby the exporter of capital equipment agrees to accept, as a part or full payment from the importer, a certain portion of the output of the original equipment exported. Compare "Countertrade."
A horse put through a public auction that did not reach a minimum (reserve) price set by the consignor and so was retained. The consignor must pay a fee to the auction company based on a percentage of the reserve, to cover the auction company's marketing, advertising and other costs (also called passsing in the horse).
A company may buy back its own shares in order to reduce the overall number of shares available on the market.This will usually have the effect of increasing the share price.
The re-purchasing of a previously sold asset. Often companies will offer to buy shares back from shareholders as part of a capital management program. Also used in managed funds and derivatives.
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Schools are able to buy services from the LEA using part of their delegated budget.
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Another term for a repo.
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Agreement to sell real estate with a pre-arranged agreement to reverse the deal at an established price.