Definitions for "buyout"
the acquisition of ownership of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock.
Purchase of at least a controlling percentage of a company's stock in order to take over its assets and operations. A buyout can be accomplished through negotiation or through a tender offer.
a sector of the private equity industry. Also, the purchase of a controlling interest of a company by an outside investor (in a leveraged buyout) or a management team (in a management buyout).
The amount a lessee must pay to the lessor to terminate a lease early. The buyout is usually calculated by multiplying the monthly lease payment by the number of payments remaining.
the residual balance left at the end of the lease term. If you choose the option of purchasing your vehicle this is the price you would pay, plus taxes.
The amount a lessee must pay the lessor to terminate a lease early. It is usually calculated to include tax recapture, unpaid property taxes and lost revenues.
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Subcontracted service.
an agreement by an agent and a model that allows their client (Vogue, the Gap, whatever) to use the TV commercial or photograph that the model appeared in wherever and however they want, for a specific time period, and fee
advance payment for future use of a print ad or a commercial for a specific period of time
a cash incentive with retirement
The purchase of credit by an employer under an Early Retirement Incentive Plan.
a onetime all inclusive fee for the lifetime use of your image with respect to the product or service you are representing
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In trading, when a swap is closed and settled at current price.
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The whole shot, all days included, on flat rate.