Definitions for "going private"
The repurchasing of all of a companys outstanding stock by employees or a private...
The process by which a PUBLICLY OWNED COMPANY becomes a PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY. Causing a class of EQUITY SECURITIES to be de-listed from a NATIONAL SECURITIES EXCHANGE, or causing a class of equity securities that is authorized to be quoted in an INTERDEALER QUOTATION SYSTEM of a registered national securities exchange to cease to be so authorized. Most attempts to go private utilize a limited number of basic techniques, such as a cash tender offer to purchase all outstanding publicly held shares by the ISSUER, its management, or an affiliated entity; a merger or consolidation of the issuer with, or the sale of its assets to, another corporation controlled by management of the issuer; an exchange offer (usually involving a debt security) by the issuer, its management, or an affiliated entity; and a reverse stock split.
The transformation of a company from public to pri... Add a comment
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