Definitions for "Floatation"
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The process in which ore is separated from gangue. Ore is agitated in a bath of special liquid so the metallic ore fraction either rises or sinks to the bottom and the gangue does the opposite.
(Jargon Rating= 1) On a hard surface (like a groomed piste snowboard could be viewed a lot like a car in its handling characteristics. But when a board moves onto freshly fallen powder snow, that analogy disappears. The snowboard turns into a (badly designed) speedboat. As long as the board is moving forwards, the scoop is large enough and the riders weight is set back far enough (so the nose is higher than the tail), the snow will go underneath the board to keep it near or at the surface. If the rider slows down, by turning too quickly for example, or the rider leans forward the board will sink into the snow and stop. With reference to a boards statistics, better floatation usually equates to a lighter and/or bigger board. The bigger a surface area a board has, the easier it is to get powder underneath it, hence the easier it is to float. Freeride- (Jargon Rating= 3) An expressive all terain skiing or snowboarding style. Also what happens if you dont pay your taxi driver.
the phenomenon of floating (remaining on the surface of a liquid without sinking)
See Flotation.
Is the initial offering of stock to the public.
financing a commercial enterprise by bond or stock shares
Float in tanks filled with sterile salt water regulated so that its temperature is precisely the same as your body temperature for a sense of buoyancy and weightlessness. You float in complete sensory isolation so that no nerve impulses move from the skin to the brain for a unique feeling of relaxation. Can be used in complete silence, music or guided imagery.
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Floatation a method for removing ink from paper during the de-inking process by floating if off the paper.