Definitions for "Saltation"
Keywords:  leap, bounce, saltus, jumps, geology
A leaping or jumping.
The movement of sand or fine sediment by short jumps above the ground or streambed under the influence of a current too weak to keep it permanently suspended.
A term used to describe the movement of a particle being transported by wind or water which is too heavy to remain in suspension. The particle is rolled forward by the current, generates lift and rises, loses the forward momentum supplying the lift and settles to the floor, where the process is repeated. The size of the particles which can be saltated depends upon the velocity of the current and its density, e.g., water will saltate larger particles than air at the same velocity.
An abrupt and marked variation in the condition or appearance of a species; a sudden modification which may give rise to new races.
A single mutation that drastically alters the appearance of an organism.
(1) The evolution of new species by sudden, discontinuous steps. (2) A radical and discontinuous reorganization of morphology in a single generation (e.g. through mutation), resulting in a population successfully occupying a new and substantially different ecological niche.
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see Quantavolution
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Synonym: vaultation. See Erosion.
Beating or palpitation; as, the saltation of the great artery.
taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
a light springing movement upwards or forwards