Definitions for "Leap"
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Light Extensible Authentication Protocol. An implementation of EAP and 802.1x for wireless networks that was developed by Cisco. LEAP uses preshared keys and MS-CHAP protocol to authenticate client and server to each other. Also see EAP and CHAP.
A Cisco security technology that builds on Wi-Fi WEP encryption. Basically, it changes the WEP key dynamically during a session to make it less likely that a snooper will be able to derive the key.
Light Extensible Authentication Protocol – Cisco Systems' proprietary wireless authentication protocol.
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To spring clear of the ground, with the feet; to jump; to vault; as, a man leaps over a fence, or leaps upon a horse.
To spring or move suddenly, as by a jump or by jumps; to bound; to move swiftly. Also Fig.
To pass over by a leap or jump; as, to leap a wall, or a ditch.
To copulate with (a female beast); to cover.
Copulation with, or coverture of, a female beast.
License Enhancement Acknowledgement Program…SCTÃs program to allow PLUS customerÃs to acquire the Banner license as part of the PLUS maintenance agreement.
Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Program. Formerly named the State Student Incentive Grant, a state-funded gift aid. Recipients must demonstrate financial need. Grants may not exceed $2,500 per award year.
Student participated in the U.'s LEAP Freshmen Cohort Program
LEAP method is ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent) assays that use antibodies that are sensitive to latex proteins to quantitatively measure the level of antigenic proteins in latex extracts. The antibodies IgG are generated from rabbits that are immunized with purified latex protein.
What the debugger does in debug mode. The debugger shows only the ports of predicates that have spypoints on them. It then normally prompts you for input, at which time you may leap again to the next spypoint (see trace).
To lunge forward using your legs in order to cound over an obstacle directly in front of you. Particulary useful in slower speed situations where you encounter an obstacle with little momentum.
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A weel or wicker trap for fish.
A passing from one note to another by an interval, especially by a long one, or by one including several other and intermediate intervals.
A large melodic pitch interval. Traditionally, a leap is defined as an interval larger than two or three semitones. Contrasts with step.
a spontaneous discharge of mounting tension, a resolving of contradictions
Library Exchange Aids Patrons An automated circulation system in south central Connecticut. ( LINK)
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Movable barrier below barn doors.
a state and federally funded grant that is awarded to undergraduate Georgia residents with exceptional financial need. LEAP funds are limited.
Long-Term Equity Anticipation Security. LEAPs are long term equity options and normally expire in two to five years.
a long term expiration option
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A basket.
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A fault.
a conversational tool that enables your customers to get their questions answered using flexible dialogue
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the distance leaped (or to be leaped); "a leap of 10 feet"
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the movement of a single musical line by more than a second at a time.
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Local Environment Agency Plan
A LEAP is a long-term option contract for a company's stock. They usually run for one year or more and are available on several U.S. exchanges.