Definitions for "Alp"
A very high mountain. Specifically, in the plural, the highest chain of mountains in Europe, containing the lofty mountains of Switzerland, etc.
Fig.: Something lofty, or massive, or very hard to be surmounted.
any high mountain
Airport Layout Plan - The official, FAA approved map of an airports facilities.
Assisted Living Program. An intermediate level of residential care that includes room, board, housekeeping, personal care and supervision. Clients must have a stable medical condition, be medically eligible for residential home care facility placement and need more assistance than an adult care facility can provide. The ALP also provides or arranges and is fiscally responsible for home health services such as skilled nursing or physical therapy.
Airport Layout Plan. The plan for an airport showing the layout of existing and proposed airport facilities and structures.
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A bullfinch.
Accredited Laboratory Program. The Accredited Laboratory Program accredits nonfederal analytical chemistry laboratories to analyze meat and poultry food products for moisture, protein, fat, and salt (MPFS) content, and/or certain specific classes of chemical residues. Currently the specific chemical residues are chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), sulfonamides, nitrosamines, and arsenic.
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Acronym for Advanced Language Program.
Acronym Association of Learning Providers - The 'voice of independent learning providers' throughout the UK, the ALP is a subscription organisation with some 400 members committed to raising the quality of work based learning.
Low-interest student loans backed by TERI, The Education Resources Institute, a non-profit organization that sponsors loans for both graduate and undergraduate students. TERI – also called ALP (Alternative Loan Program) – loans are qualified for NIH loan repayment. Please see “TERI loans.
Turkish word for "hero"; as in Alp Arslan, the Seljuk ruler who defeated the Byzantines at Manzikert.
An Abseil device controlled by a turn screw mechanisim. Can be completely locked off and adjustment can produce a uniform rate of descent. Submitted by Piers from London, UK.
Authority for Local Purchase: granted by the commissioner of Administration to an individual who has successfully completed all requirements established by the Materials Management Division.
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Alkaline phosphatase
Australian Labour Party
Australian Labor Party. Australia's oldest political party, formed nationally in 1901, and given its present name in 1918. Bb
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Aerial Ladder Platform
Athlete Leadership Programme
Annual Leave Payoff. Earnings type used when paying the first 240 hours of terminal annual leave for classified staff. These earnings are subject to PERS deductions.
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Automatic link protocol.
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Approval for Limited Production