Definitions for "Ladder "
Keywords:  rung, crosspiece, climb, ascend, rail
A frame usually portable, of wood, metal, or rope, for ascent and descent, consisting of two side pieces to which are fastened cross strips or rounds forming steps.
that by means of which one attains to eminence; as, to climb the corporate ladder.
steps consisting of two parallel members connected by rungs; for climbing up or down
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Ladder is a Java clone of a popular arcade game for the CP/M operating system. It is an arcade game similar to Donkey Kong, but in which the graphics are all created with ASCII characters.
A Java clone of the classic ASCII based arcade game that is similar to Donkey Kong and was played on Kaypro and other CP/M computers.
Refers to the GvG ladder in the game and on the website.
a row of unravelled stitches; "she got a run in her stocking"
come unraveled or undone as if by snagging; "Her nylons were running"
Describes the fault in a piece of knitted fabric caused by a dropped stitch which then unravels
A marine ladder is usually a very steep staircase. On a submarine it could be a steep staircase or an actual ladder. The former are in the forward spaces, the latter are in the engineering spaces.
On shipboard, all stairs are called "ladders," except for literal staircases aboard passenger liners. Most "stairs" on a ship are narrow and nearly vertical, hence the name. From the Anglo-Saxon hiaeder, meaning ladder.
in a ship, corresponds to stairs in a building.
Non-climbable structure in the shape of a ladder from which lanterns can be hung in a vertical "stack".
The strings on a blind used to support the slats.
the vertical cords or strings that hold and control the individual slats of a blind.
Keywords:  stairway, wooden, decks, slope, exceeds
A metal, wooden, or rope stairway.
Any stairway in which the slope exceeds acceptable rise and run requirements.
stairway between decks
A fluid method of ranking Chess players within a club or other group. The ladder is usually established by listing players according to their Chess rating. Any player may challenge someone one step above them on the ladder (sometimes two or more places). If the challenger wins, he moves up the ladder and his opponent moves down.
a fantastic way to meet more tennis players, play more tennis and develop your game
a group of players who are ranked by ability
An apparatus widely used in circus. It may be used in various acts; for example, in antipodists' work where a performer, while lying on trink, is balancing a ladder standing on his feet, and at the same time an upper one is working on it. Freely standing ladder is the same ladder as above said one, but in this case its legs are slightly loaded to make it more steady, and several acrobats, a juggler and other circus people can work on it.
A piece of fire fighting apparatus that carries an aerial ladder used for rescue and positioning of personnel on upper floors of a building. Also called Truck or Aerial.
In the Iron Age and Roman periods a number of rectangular ditched enclosures placed in line to form a pattern like a ladder. (Beresford, Maurice and Hurst, John. Wharram Percy: Deserted Medieval Village, 137)
an ascetical treatise composed in the sixth century by St. John Climacus (“of the Ladder”) who lived on Mt. Sinai, in which perfection and growth in the spiritual life is compared to a progression or a ladder. This work is a basic text on the ascetic life in the Orthodox Church, and has enjoyed popularity among the pious, both lay and monastic, throughout the centuries, both in Russia and in the entire Orthodox world.
A dealers' analysis of every existing deal and of the net position at each future date arising.
a portfolio of bonds maturing at regular intervals
A fixed income investment strategy that seeks to reduce interest rate risk by investing in fixed income securities with a wide variety of maturities. Though this strategy assures continuous cash flow, there may be some sacrifice of total return, since shorter-term bonds tend to have lower yields than longer-term bonds.
Keywords:  vantage, quo, tool, difficult, sort
a difficult thing to design
a tool like any other
a tool of a different sort, allowing for higher vantage point from which to see the larger meaning of a given context
a basic need of every hous
a deep tactical sequence during which a string cannot gain more than two liberties and is eventually captured or saved
A basic capturing sequence. See Figure 17.
A method of bar code printing in which the bars in the bar code are printed one at a time, in a series. The bar code appears along the length of the label. Used to be referred to as "picket." LAN Local area network. A network that is within a small radius, such as an office building. Compare to WAN. See also Ethernet, peer-to-peer network, and Token Ring. large numeric keypad One of the keypads available on the reader. The large numeric keypad has 34 keys and is available in English. The number keys are larger to make it easier to enter a lot of numeric data. Compare to alphanumeric keypad.
A computer generated list of pairings used in eliminations. There are two types of ladders used. One is a sportsman ladder; the other is a professional category ladder.
a pair of nucleotides, and each pair is either an A stuck to a T or a C stuck to a G
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a little-known gene that makes fly fishers fix twice as much lunch as necessary
In project management, a set of parallel activities that begin or stop at the same time.
device for representing a set of overlapping activities in a network diagram. Note: The start and finish of each succeeding activity are linked only to the start and finish of the preceding activity by lead and lag activities, which consume only time.
show HIDE The overall map which shows the placement of every layout in the yearbook.
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older male homosexual, after young boys.(see Chicken hawk)
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a picture of a Torah scroll
A rack-like framework fitted to the front and rear of agricultural vehicles to increase their capacity particularly at harvest time.
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See: Matrix, Skeleton, Waste.
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an advantage as you are lower than the aircraft
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A ladded shaped frame used for hanging lighting.
Three or more groups/contacts/formations in trail.
Keywords:  safe, station, gain, access, work
a device used to gain safe access to a work station
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a sample of DNA where the sizes of the bands are known
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That which resembles a ladder in form or use;
Keywords:  book, list, page
a list of every page in the book and what will be on it
Keywords:  three, device, point
a three-point device
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an example of this