Definitions for "Donkey"
A bad player or fish.
A term for a weak or foolish player.
a poor player also see fish.
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An ass; or (less frequently) a mule.
A stupid or obstinate fellow; an ass.
domestic beast of burden descended from the African wild ass; patient but stubborn
an appropriate figure for the humour culture
a slow-moving, slow-thinking creature, but with a good sense of humour and humility, makes a great companion
Donkey is a fictional talking donkey from the Shrek movies, voiced by Eddie Murphy. Little is known of Donkey's upbringing, or indeed of any of his life prior to his friendship with Shrek: owned by a somewhat unpleasant old lady, Donkey found his freedom after escaping while she was attempting to negotiate his handover to agents of Lord Farquaad.
a monogastric herbivore thus it eats roughages and utilizes cellulose and hemicellulose efficiently
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a role playing game similar to Rares other creations such as Banjo Kazzoie and Jet Force Gemini
a jolt, an abrupt impact of short legs against hard ground, reverberating up into the groin of the rider
the symbol of the Democratic Party; introduced in cartoons by Thomas Nast in 1874
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a jackass, get your curses in order
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Slang for ASA Adapter.
A machine used to fretsaw out designs; much used in the manufacture of motifs.
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A stationary steam engine.
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A man with an unusually large penis.
The first Preference presented in each Auction, whose effect is to cancel all the other Preferences.