Definitions for "Match play"
Play in which the score is reckoned by counting the holes won or lost by each side; -- distinguished from medal play.
Often found in fun books a match play is a chip or coupon the player may use in connection with a bet in most table games. The rules generally state that the player must bet an amount equal to the face value of the match play. Then if the player wins he is paid on both his bet and the match play. Win or lose the match play is taken after the bet is resolved. In the event of a push it is not removed. Every match play I have ever seen is restricted to "even money bets." This generally includes qualifying bets in roulette, craps, big six, plus blackjack. The best bet to use a match play on is the don't pass bet in craps. Although this has a higher house edge than blackjack the reason it is a better bet with a match play is you can not double or split the match play chip, diluting the effectiveness of those two plays. On the don't pass a match play has an expected value of 47.9% of face value.
A competition by holes between two parties/players. One player defeats the other one by winning more holes than there are holes left to play.