Definitions for "Heads Up"
Keywords:  contest, pot, blackjack, player, poker
When there is only one player at a blackjack table.
Game with just two players battling head to head.
When only two active players remain in a pot.
Keywords:  hounds, scent, sin, lose, raise
Hounds raise their heads and lose the scent. A sin if caused by riders.
Getting their heads up, refers to the hounds lifting their heads from the scent.
When the hounds, losing the scent, raise their heads to search for it.
Pay attention, something to watch out for is near you. This should always be used when someone may not see your shell coming at them such as when leaving the boathouse. Heads up, shell coming out.
A warning to someone about a pending or probable future action that may affect that person or his/her program, project or activity. [D02322] DSMC
Yelled by rowers when they are carrying a shell to warn you they are trying to get someplace and you are in the way. Best response when you hear "heads up" near you is to duck
Keywords:  bogey, enemy, kill
Enemy/bogey got through; no kill.
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See Head to Head.