Definitions for "Hounds"
Keywords:  shrouds, mast, trestle, masthead, stays
Projections at the mast head for the trestle-trees to rest upon.
Shoulders where the shrouds rest near the masthead.
The attachment points for the shrouds up the mast.
Keywords:  hellhounds, hashers, wolves, mma, hare
Shaggy unspecified breed of pack dogs used by the clans of Red Hawk; used to guard their herds against coyotes, wolves, lions, and hellhounds. They will join other clans hounds in times of great danger, but if one wanders into a neighboring pack, it will be torn to pieces. [MMa
the body of hashers in pursuit of the hare, see also Pack
Keywords:  marvel, mutants, hunt, comics, track
Hounds are the name given to several groups of mutant characters from Marvel Comics. This term usually refers to those who track or hunt down mutants while serving a higher authority.
Side pieces of a farm wagon carriage or carriage to strengthen the vehicle body.
Keywords:  manifestation, duplicity
a manifestation of its duplicity