Definitions for "Masthead"
The list of staff, owners, and subscription information for a periodical.
That page, or part of a page, of a newspaper or magazine that lists the publication's key staff members, including its publisher, editorial staff, owner, address, advertising rates, subscription price, etc. This information often appears in the publication within a rectangle on the Contents page. See also BOILERPLATE
The section of a magazine which details such information as title, address, staff.
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"The topmost part of the mast." (Uden & Cooper)
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The top or head of a mast; the part of a mast above the hounds.
The top of a mast. Wind direction indicators and radio antennas usually collect on the masthead.
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To cause to go to the masthead as a punishment.
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Like the end credits of a film, a name of everyone involved in production, usually seen in print more than on the web.