Definitions for "Advertorial"
A print advertisement styled to resemble the editorial format and type face of the publication of Web site it is running on.
A paid advertisement that presents information in an editorial format, often with large amounts of text, rather than large photos typically used for display ads.
Hybrid advertisement feature in which advertising and editorial material are combined to mimic a medium's editorial style. Advertorials may be produced either by the publication or by the advertiser, but will normally come under close scrutiny by the medium in question to ensure that its editorial control and/or integrity is not being compromised. The expression is normally applied to features in newspapers and magazines but might also be valid in the context of other media, eg in commercial radio where an advertiser was allowed to produce an advertisement that took the form of a mini-programme. Not to be confused with 'advertisement feature', however: the creators of an advertorial will normally seek to convince the target audience (even if only at first glance or at first hearing) that the advertisement is in fact a piece of editorial.
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a type of advertising brochure
an ad, often a solo or top sponsor, where the publisher endorses your product or service