Definitions for "rate card"
A price list for advertising time or space.
A price list showing rates charged for commercial time.
In insurance, a quick reference brochure or card giving rates for various types of insurance coverage issued by a given insurance company. A convenient adaptation summary of the rate manual.
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Provided by the casino. Shows payoffs for various bets.
a booklet provided by a casino showing the bet amounts and payouts on Keno cards which have been marked with one to fifteen spots
The booklet issued by casinos containing the costs and payoffs on tickets having from one to fifteen spots.
means the BigBlog rate card setting out the fees and charges applicable to your Service (as amended from time to time). The current Rate Card is located on BigPond's website at
A card giving the space or time rates for a medium and also supplying other pertinent data regarding that particular medium.
A pocket size card issued by an insurer giving rates for various coverages. It is carried by an agent or sales representative for quotation purposes.
document detailing prices for various ad placement options.
a simple one-page document that shows your typical prices versus your service agreement prices
A page with detailed pricing information.
The official schedule of space or time costs and related information as provided by the media.
A document giving the time rates of a TV or radio station. It usually includes production requirements, closing dates, programming and demographic information as well as unit cost.