Definitions for "Affiliate Program"
The name says it all. Most of the web hosting companies do have an Affiliate Program. That is you sign up as an affiliate and you get commission for every new customer your refer to them.
A program that allows websites to sell a product on a commision basis..
A program set up by a "Sponsor" to allow affiliate webmasters to send traffic to the sponsor's website(s), then pay the affiliate a commission on any sales made to surfers sent by them.
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a twofer - it increases your
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a long term investment, not just a quick flash in the pan kind a a fly'b'night kind of a thing
a company that has a product and/or service to sell
a great tool for selling your products on the Internet
an arrangement between a product provider and a distribution channel consisting of other individuals who represent that product for an agreed upon consideration
a type of marketing model whereby a business rewards another entity (a person or a business) for contributing value (e
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a lot harder to set up than you think it is
a system that allows you to set up an affiliate account, the account will provide you with a unique URL (Web address) that tracks every customer who comes to that URL
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a pretty simple concept
a system in which an active auction (either on their first visit or any subsequent visit)
a must have tool in order to capitalize on the power of duplication
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a statement of commitment of cooperation
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an internet technology that
a software based tracking method controlled by a
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an association or
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a long term operation