Definitions for "Clickthrough"
The percentage of people who, after viewing a banner ad on a we bsite, click on it and go to the ads target site.
A clickthrough is what is counted by the advertising or sponsoring site as a result of an ad click. When a user clicks on a banner ad, it is counted as one clickthrough. Some advertisers are willing to pay only for clickthroughs rather than for ad impressions, mostly because a clickthrough denotes action, whereas an impression may or not be actually seen.
The act of clicking on a sponsored link or banner ad.
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happens when the reader clicks on a link to visit another location.
if the listing appears in search results, SmartPPC will open the corresponding URL in a separate pop-up window.
A clickthrough describes the action of a user clicking on a link and being transported to the new URL
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Following a hyperlink
a set of clickable graphics, rather than a fully functioning website
Referring to a user clicking through to a website, in practice the same as a click.