Definitions for "Banner Ad"
A (most often graphic) advertisement placed on a web page, which acts as a hyperlink to an advertiser's web site.
in Internet advertising, an advertisement generally located at the top of a web page and running across the page, with a link to the advertiser's site by use of a clickthrough; commonly measures 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high (i.e., a 468 x 60 banner ad). Also referred to as simply a banner. See clickthrough, pixels, skyscraper ad, rectangle ad, square pop-up, pop-up advertising and pop-under advertising.
An image file that displays an online advertisement, typically sized for placement at the top or bottom of a web page and linked to another page.
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an ad in the shape of a banner (long and skinny)
An ad that appears alongside a requested clip or presentation. A banner ad can also rotate, making new ad images appear at regular intervals.
Permission Marketing
a regionalized ad that a doctor/practice can use to market themselves