Definitions for "rotation"
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The movement of money by one investor or the overall market from one or more...
The act of turning, as a wheel or a solid body on its axis, as distinguished from the progressive motion of a revolving round another body or a distant point; thus, the daily turning of the earth on its axis is a rotation; its annual motion round the sun is a revolution.
A transformation in which a figure is rotated through a given angle, about a point.
the order of calls and plays (clockwise).
Clockwise movement in direction of the dealer.
A system of playing doubles, used only by experts, in which the partners keep circling counterclockwise. Its chief advantage is that it virtually eliminates the backhand.
The planned number of years between the establishment of a crop of trees and its final cutting at a specified stage of maturity.
Changing crops in a field an an annual basis to maximise yield and minimise disease, soil damage etc.
see crop rotation
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The systematic movement of tires from one vehicle position to another to maximize tread life and minimize irregular wear.
The changing of tires from front to rear or from side-to-side on a vehicle according to a set pattern; provides even treadwear. Section height: The height of the tire, measured from rim to the outer tread.
moving a vehicle's tires from left to right and from front to rear. This is done in a set pattern and should be done periodically. Its purpose is to prevent uneven tire wear and to extend treadlife. More Info
The act of rotating the aircraft on takeoff, or using back pressure to raise the nose just prior to departing the ground. The aircraft is rotated as it reaches climb speed.
The act of rotating the aircraft on takeoff, that is, the use of back pressure to raise the nose prior to takeoff. The aircraft is rotated as it reaches climb speed.
Spots that rotate throughout the various days/dayparts/programs during the duration of the broadcast schedule. See Tighten Rotation.
a person, and it becomes the end, and live broadcasting starts by the force for a singing voice and an explosion of Anna in no time without being concerned with a rehearsal
In broadcast, the running of commercials at different times each day within the time period ordered. In outdoor, moving a bulletin to a different location at stated intervals.
The reorientation of a portrait from landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa.
Also see Image Rotation) Feature on most digital copiers that automatically aligns the image with the paper when the correct orientation isn't present to begin with. Can also be used to deliver alternate sets rotated at a 90 degree angle for separation purposes when producing multiple copies of multi-page documents (this works with paper fed long- and short-edge from two different trays).
The relative direction of an image.
In a rotation, a specific web page contains a single banner window. All advertising banners scheduled for the rotation are arranged in an endless loop or series. When a web user enters the page, the next banner in line is displayed. After the last banner, the rotation begins again with banner one.
Affiliates can choose to rotate the images or banners that appear on their Web pages so visitors to their site don't see the same banner over and over. You can choose to rotate among all of the banners provided by a given merchant, or you can select the banners you want to include. You can also choose to have a general rotation of all of the banners provided by all of your merchants. Click on "Banners/Images" in the Links section of this site to activate this feature.
Rotation is used so that the banner ads continue to change every time a page or a group of pages are loaded, thereby providing a variety to the end user. If an advertiser does not want their banner ad in rotation, it will be more expensive for him to advertise because it will display every time the page is loaded.
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rotation Drehung
the more commonly used word for clerkship, and more often referring to the different specialties where medical students spend time throughout the course of their third year. The goal of rotations is to expose the third year medical student to most of the available specialites in which there are residencies, so that they can make educated choices about their chosen career path, as well as fourth year electives.
A mechanism often included in the Articles of Association requiring a certain proportion of the directors (usually a third) to retire at successive AGM's. Those chosen to retire are selected by rotation so that those serving longest since their appointment (or re-appointment) are chosen first. Those retiring may offer themselves for re-election by ordinary resolution of the shareholders at the meeting at which they retire.
An active asset management strategy that tactically overweighted and underweighted certain sectors, depending on expected performance. Sometimes called sector rotation.
Rotation of stock means to always use oldest stock first. All new stock will be placed behind older stock. First in First out…FIFO
Refers to the movement or flow of investments. Usually, it describes the flow into one sector of stocks and the reduction of positions in another stock sector.
The Jacksonian principle of rotation-in-office rationalized the dismissal of experienced government employees from their jobs by arguing that no one had any intrinsic right to hold an appointed office; that, if left in office too long, they would become indifferent toward public interests and tend toward incompetence and corruption.
a local operation in a search tree that preserves in-order traversal key ordering
an operation that preserves the binary search tree property (ordering of keys)
One way of overcoming the donkey vote, acquiescence, etc, in a questionnaire is to rotate questions and/or answers, so that they are not presented in the same order to every respondent.
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The distribution of commercials across a section of days and hours within the purchased time period.
A rotation is a system by which a pipe smoker keeps his/her pipes in good working order by varying when each pipe is smoked. Most smokers own more than one pipe, their selection of pipes can be said to be their 'rotation'. It can also be said that the particular order in which the pipes are smoked is the 'rotation'. However it is used, 'rotation' speaks to the need for you to allow each pipe to rest for a period between smokes. How long your pipes need to be rested is a hotly debated topic, but it seems that the minimum time acceptable is around 48 hours, so to build a decent rotation of pipes, you will need to purchase (number of pipes you smoke in a day) x 2, to allow a two day rest between pipes.
Is another term for "heat". This would be a set number of ropers that rope allrounds prior to the short round, before the next "rotation/heat" has the opportunity to compete.
when used of the teaching mode of a unit, means that some students will be studying a given unit at one time while others are studying another unit; and then they swap round.
one of many games played in pool. See "rotation" in the chapter on Rules.
Scheduling of a pool of commercials through a set schedule, on a rotating basis.
Rotation (or rotation pool) is a pocket billiards (pool) game played using a standard pool table and standard triangular rack of fifteen (solid/stripe) billiard balls.
The order in which creatives in an ad are served to users. There are three rotational types: sequential rotation, random rotation, and run-of-network ad.
A trading procedure on the option exchanges whereby bids and offers, but not necessarily trades, are made sequentially for each series of options on an underlying stock.
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Any return or succesion in a series.
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See: True P III rotation; capsular rotation; founder.
an operation that rotates the elements in a permutation
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Rotation refers to the position of the tip relative to the upper lip. A "rotated tip" is pushed away from the upper lip, as can be done by gently pushing your tip up with your finger. (Too much rotation causes excessive nostril show.) A counter-rotated tip brings the tip closer to the lip, as occurs when the tip of the nose is pushed toward the upper lip. An ideal tip is slightly rotated up.
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Sequence in which a vessel calls at the ports on her itinerary.
A method of counterbalancing materials to reduce practice effects (see the book for more details).
(or Dynamic Delivery) - Ads delivered on a rotating basis, allowing different users to see different ads on a given page and for an ad to appear on more than one page. Ads can also be dynamically rotated through a particular section of a site, or can be called up as part of a keyword search.
The entire collection of ads that are displayed in a specific location on a specific web page. Sophisticated ad management software can dynamically define ad rotation based on user profiles, time of day and many other factors.
A system by which irrigators receive an allotted quantity of water, not a continuous rate, but at stated intervals.
a special kind of vector encapsulating the data and operations of three angular components, X, Y and Z
systematic process of assessing a context from multiple perspectives; an R5 principle for assessment of effectiveness and relevance
Regular exchange of back-up media between your office and DataSafe?s facility.
Shared responsibility amongst all or most support partners to assist with all products or areas of assistance
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a three to six week period of time when we will cover one Bible story
a method of planning and executing exercise routines so that your muscles are challenged with varying weights and degrees of intensity
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A single, complete revolution of a ball.
Pertaining to, or resulting from, rotation; of the nature of, or characterized by, rotation; as, rotational velocity.