Definitions for "Periodization"
Also called Cycle Training, a predetermined approach to strength and muscle building in which bodybuilders train light for several weels, then heavier, and then really heavy, and the process is cycled. Helps avoid injury and burnout.
The organizing of a long term physical peak on a specific predetermined date; usually accomplished by taking the peak date and figuering the micro cycles back to a starting point.
A segmented program (generally blocks of training developed within a specified number of training season periods) with individual blocks oriented towards specific goals. For example an early season block is generally allocated to aerobic training. Many pros use the periodization approach to facilitate multiple peaks during a single season of competition.
Periodization is the attempt to categorize or divide time into discrete named blocks. Most sciences that study the history of their respective objects of study have their own periodization. Commonly known periods for example from geology are the Cretaceous and Jurassic period.