Definitions for "CUME"
Abbreviation for cumulative audience. An estimate of a station's total unduplicated audience over a particular time period. A radio station's cume is similar to a newspaper's circulation.
This is the cumulative audience. The number of different people or households exposed at least once to a media schedule or vehicle over a specified period of time, usually one week.
The number of different people reached by a newspaper, radio or television advertising schedule generally expressed over a 4-week period. DMA (Designated Market Area) A group of counties in the United States covered by all advertising media. A.C. Nielsen Media Research coined the term. There are 210 DMAs in the United States. BPI (Buying Power Index) Weighted index that converts three basic elements: Population; Economic and distribution. TMC (Total Market Coverage) Free publications that are passed out to non-subscribers to increase circulation. ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) The organization, which audits and reports, paid circulation of newspapers. ADI (Area of Dominant Influence) A particular geographical region of indefinite boundary of a specific media market.
The sum of rankings (and sometimes ratings) in rounds of competition; a numerical score. As in golf, a low score is best ( a person receiving three 1st place rankings would have a "cume" of 3).