Definitions for "timestamp "
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The affixed value of the system time-of-day clock at a common point of reference for all write I/O operations directed to active XRC primary volumes. The UTC format is yyyy.ddd hh:mm:ss.thmiju.
a time in POSIX format
Field in certain Fast Packet formats that indicates the amount of time the packet has spent waiting in queues during the transmission between its source and destination nodes. Used to control the delay experienced by the packet.
A seven-part value that consists of a date and time expressed in years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and microseconds.
A time mark or notation that indicates the date and the time of an action, and the identity of the person or device that sent or received the time stamp.
A snapshot in time used as a label. There is no fixed format and the resolution can vary from days to microseconds.
A time value, expressed in milliseconds, typically since the last server reset. Timestamp values wrap around (after about 49.7 days). The server, given its current time is represented by timestamp T, always interprets timestamps from clients by treating half of the timestamp space as being earlier in time than T, and half of the timestamp space as being later in time than T. One timestamp value, represented by the constant CurrentTime is never generated by the server. This value is reserved for use in requests to represent the current server time.
a floating point value also counting milliseconds starting at the beginning of julian calendar
a time value associated with some object, e
To mark an event or object with its time of occurrence or creation.
Logs do not have a timestamp with every entry, but they do have a time entry every couple of minutes, a timestamp on an event will be the last recorded time before that event happened or "frame start" which means no timestamp was available yet in the log.
The date and time a file was last changed.
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A datum associated with each digitization that uniquely identifies the time at which the information was recorded. The structure of this item must be fleshed out in conjunction with the DAQ software group, but it is expected to have two components: a finely segmented clock tick and a coarse time bucket.
Unique identifier used to link actions and annotation.
a unique number that gets updated every time a row gets updated
an algorithm round and a scheduale is a serias of rounds from the starting state (have) to the desired state (want)
A trustworthy statement of time associated with a file or transaction. Notarization requires a trustworthy timestamp on a digitally signed transaction.
A phase in the captioning process in which captions are assigned times to come onscreen.
As each byte is captured by FTS, the time of capture is recorded and displayed. This is essential for troubleshooting timing problems on a circuit.
Timestamp is a text-filtering pipe that marks each line with a timestamp. The time is set when the first character of the line is received, and the utility is capable of coping with CR repeats fairly well .
Technique for establishing temporal relationships.
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a data word having a length of e
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See digital timestamp