Definitions for "TIME CLOCK"
Keywords:  heater, cleaner, pump, blower, booster
(see: Electric Timer; stop watch).
Timing device that turns on and off pumps, filters, heaters or other devices.
A mechanical or electrical device that automatically controls the periods that a pump, filter, heater, blower, automatic pool cleaner or other electrical devices are on.
Keywords:  clock, employee, hours, hourly, weekly
clock used to record the hours that people work
a mechanical device that allowed employees and employers to take note of the hours that the employee worked each day
an informal general name for a form of clock that is designed to measure the amount of time an employee of a business is entitled to be paid
Keywords:  csj, lifetime, overall, trial, five
A measure of an individual's lifetime use of assistance. Overall, five years is allowed, but W-2 limits assignments to CSJ, W-2 T and Trial Jobs to two years each.