Definitions for "Regulator"
A contrivance for regulating and controlling motion
The lever or index in a watch, which controls the effective length of the hairspring, and thus regulates the vibrations of the balance.
A valve for controlling the admission of steam to the steam chest, in a locomotive.
A clock, or other timepiece, used as a standard of correct time. See Astronomical clock (a), under Clock.
Mechanism to ensure that time splitting is done correctly (a pendulum is an example of a regulator)
A weight-driven pendulum clock with the emphasis on accuracy of timekeeping rather than on ornament. Regulators are usually in the form of a longcase clock, with a temperature compensation facility for the pendulum, a deadbeat escapement, and no striking mechanism. Workshop regulators were made by the clock-maker for his own use, to set other clocks by. Table regulators are spring-driven with a deadbeat escapement and a regulator dial - one with minutes marked on the edge of the main dial and two smaller, separate dials for hours and seconds. See vienna regulator
A body set up by law entrusted with overseeing the financial services sector. Sometimes it is also referred to as the Competent Authority. In Malta, the regulator or competent authority for investment services is the Malta Financial Services Authority.
This is the public body responsible for implementing and enforcing legislation. The regulator provides guidance to politicians in relation to that country's current and future environmental legislation. The activities of regulation (i.e. writing permits; making inspections to check compliance with permits and/or laws; taking enforcement action) vary across Member States. In some countries, regulation is the job of one single body, in others it is distributed and coordinated throughout a number of organisations. The only activity specified at a European level is inspection (under a minimum criteria).
The regulator is the agency that oversees and applies the Act and regulations governing securities.
a official responsible for control and supervision of a particular activity or area of public interest
a water containment structure with mechanical gates to enable control of the level of water release
The part of the watch movement that controls time accuracy by stepping up or slowing down the beats.
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The governor of a steam engine.
Regulates the flow of steam to the cylinders. In other words it is the accelerator.
Once the boiler has generated sufficient steam, it can be used for useful work. A valve fitted on top of the boiler and often housed in a dome, is used by the driver to admit steam to the cylinders. The valve is called "the regulator" (known as the "throttle" in the US) and is opened and closed by means of a long shaft connected to a lever accessed from the driver's position in the locomotive cab.
In AltaLinkâ€(tm)s case, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB). The EUB adjudicates and regulates matters related to energy and utilities within Alberta to ensure that the development, transportation and monitoring of the province's energy resources are in the public interest.
balancer/normalizer of body function
A substance that helps balance and regulate the functions of the body.
balances bodily systems
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a different beast to an ombudsman
A member of a volunteer committee which, in default of the lawful authority, undertakes to preserve order and prevent crimes; also, sometimes, one of a band organized for the comission of violent crimes.
An upholsterers metal tool with a point at one end and flat at the other, chiefly used to adjust stuffing
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An organ ISA tion which regulates any of their companies.
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System in a free ink pen or refill regulating the ventilation (alloys the air to replace the used ink)
a moderator, somebody who has power to edit other people's posts, close threads, and move or delete them
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a great feature as it will make your shots more consistent
a great idea if you plan on upgrading to NITROGEN in the future (since the REG is a must)
an artificial resistance installed in a low-resistance split
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The Department of Gaming and Racing.
Substance regulating growth and development of cells, organs, etc.
an organization that governs and makes the policies for a Domain Name Space
See Financial Services Authority.
An organisation which regulates either us or an Associate Company.
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One who, or that which, regulates.