Definitions for "Vienna"
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Vienna is an open source freeware Mac OSX RSS reader with support for RSS/Atom feeds, article storage and management via a SQLite database, written in Objective-C and Cocoa.
Vienna is a freeware Mac OSX off-line reader for the CIX conferencing system with additional support for RSS/Atom feeds.
Vienna is an open source Mac OS X RSS reader with support for RSS/Atom feeds.
Reddish-amber, sweetish, malt accented Lager, originally brewed in Vienna but the inspiration of the German Marzenbier. Good with pork, chicken, spicy dishes such as Mexican food.
An amber-red lager originally produced in Vienna
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Optimara variety belonging to the World Traveler series. Extra large, standard African Violet (6-inch pot size) with single, dark blue flowers and medium green leaves. Introduced 1991. (AVSA Reg. No. 7923) More information.
the capital and largest city of Austria; located on the Danube in northeastern Austria; was the home of Beethoven and Brahms and Haydn and Mozart and Schubert and Strauss
a beautiful city where you can enjoy and admire the classical architecture at every corner of the city
Innovative porcelain factory founded 1719 which produced hard-paste porcelain soon after meissen. Early pieces are high baroque with painted chinoiserie, flower or landscape decoration. In 1744 the factory was taken over by the state and produced Meissen-style rococo figures and tableware. In the late 18thC Vienna produced simple, neoclassical pieces with gilding and landscapes and portraits painted in panels on a brilliantly coloured ground, and Classical figures in biscuit porcelain. The factory began to decline from the late 1820s, finally closing in 1864. Throughout the 19thC the Vienna shield mark was much used by other factories and decorating workshops copying the Vienna style, hence the widespread use of inverted commas - 'Vienna' - to denote the origin of such pieces in cataloguing.
"Vienna" was Ultravox's third single, coming from their fourth album of the same name (and the first under Midge Ure's leadership). The single was released on Chrysalis Records on January 15, 1981, peaking at #2 in the UK singles chart.
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a very special place for Neil Shicoff
Vienna is a fictional character in Marvel Comics' Marvel Universe.
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See Vienna Circle