Definitions for "Repeater"
An instrument for resending a telegraphic message automatically at an intermediate point.
A pennant used to indicate that a certain flag in a hoist of signal is duplicated.
A network device that regenerates and amplifies signals to extend the length of a network.
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A watch with a striking apparatus which, upon pressure of a spring, will indicate the time, usually in hours and quarters.
A clock or watch with a striking mechanism activated at will, which tells the user the time without his actually having to look at the timepiece. Repeating devices were introduced by British clock-makers in the 168os and are still being made today. The mechanism is activated by a cord or lever to sound (or 'repeat') the last hour, quarter hour and subsequent minutes, and more rarely the last five minutes.
a watch that allows you to sound the time with the best having hammers striking a wonderfully sounding chime
A repeating firearm.
Any firearm equipped with a magazine that holds more than one shot without reloading.
Used to describe a magazine fed firearm not a single shot; of the same action type Eg Bolt Action - "Repeater". Not to be confused with the military term "Repetition" used to describe a select fire firearm set in Semi Automatic mode.
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a caching server which can be loaded with pre-computed OCSP responses or which can dynamically build up its cache through proxy client requests to a Responder
an OCSP caching server which can be pre-loaded with OCSP responses generated by a Responder, as well as dynamically build up an OCSP response cache by acting as a proxy for client requests to a Responder
a VA Server that maintains a cache loaded with pre-computed OCSP responses or dynamically built up by proxy client requests to a Responder
See Aerial Repeater
Sometimes referred to as "cakes" or "multi-shot aerials", a repeater is a cluster of aerial tubes with a single fuse. The name "cake" was attributed to these because the cluster of tubes looks similar to a cake in size and shape. Once the fuse is lit, each of the tubes is fired in sequence. Cakes can have a variety of intricate aerial effects, including spinners, fish, flower bouquets, comets, crossettes, reports, and other aerial effects. Cakes are the most popular consumer fireworks items outside of sparklers and firecrackers.
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Repeat Mark Repro
Repeater is an album by the post-hardcore band Fugazi. Released early 1990, the nature of the album is hard to classify because the CD version is known as Repeater + 3 Songs and is a composite of the Repeater LP and the 3 Songs EP. To avoid confusion, they are therefore best discussed as one whole (Repeater + 3 Songs), as they represent the same period in Fugazi's history, and are more often seen together than they are apart.
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In the Fives family games, a tile who play on a tableau that has scoring values does one of three things: (1) does not change the total of pips on the table (2) increases the total by five and hence scores (3) decreases the total by five and hence scores . For example, putting the [3-6] on an arm that ends with the [3-3] in Five Up.
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a widget that repeats a number of other widgets
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more info An avalanche that occurs in an path that has avalanched previously in the season.
Sends standard repeater (hub) notifications.
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See Circulating decimal, under Decimal.
someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior)
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a customer who as a standard weekly order or at least monthly
(1) Another name for an active satellite. (2) Also, a common name for remote radar indicators.
a course or year of studies that a student failed and is required to take again before graduating.
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A person who votes more than once at an election.
a person who repeats; "the audience consisted largely of repeaters who had seen the movie many times"
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One who, or that which, repeats.