Definitions for "Head-end"
a facility that contains sending and satellite receivers, has antennas which receive signals from local TV studios and sometimes has TV studios inside the facility which produce shows and send the signals to other locations by satellite or antenna
A central point or hub in broadband networks that receives signals on one set frequency band and retransmits them or another. Every transmission has to go through the head-end in a broadband network. The head-end is the piece of hardware that enables a network to send and receive on the same piece of cable. In CATV technology, the head-end is the control center for a cable system where signals are processed and sent for distribution down the cable system.
Location within a building where satellite/video signals either originate or are collected via satellite or other sources, and made available for use within the facility. The head-end room contains all the hardware needed to decode and transmit the incoming signals throughout a facility.