Definitions for "Head end"
Central control required within some systems to provide entralized functions as remodulation, re-timing, message accountability, contention control, diagnostic control, and access.
A central control device required by some networks (e.g., LANs or MANs) to provide such centralized functions as remodulation, retiming, message accountability, contention control, diagnostic control, and access to a gateway. A central control device, within CATV systems, that provides centralized functions such as remodulation.
the site in a cable system or broadband coaxial network where the programming originates and the distribution network starts. Signals are usually received off the air from satellites, microwave relays, or fiber-optic cables at the head end for distribution.
Discharge end of a conveyor.
The end of the conveyor toward which the commodity is being conveyed.
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1. The beginning of a new piece of fabric in the loom that bears appropriate identification. 2. A small sample of fabric that may be submitted to a customer for approval.
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