Definitions for "CMTS"
Keywords:  headend, modem, cable, hub, terminate
Cable modem termination system, such as the Cisco uBR7246VXR router.
Cable modem termination system. A CMTS is a component that exchanges digital signals with cable modems on a cable network. When a CMTS sends signals to a cable modem, it converts them into IP and sends the signal to a router for transmission over the Internet.
Cable Modem Termination System. One piece of hardware that needs to be installed at a cable television head end to make Internet service possible on the cable network.
Cellular Mobile Telephone Systems in which the coverage area is divided up into a large number of small areas, called cells, each of which has its own base station.
Cellular Mobile Telephone Services
Cellular Mobile Telephone System. A cellular mobile radio system interconnected to a local telephone or to the public telephone network.