Definitions for "RG6"
Keywords:  coaxial, quad, gauge, shields, cable
RG6 Quad Shield. Coaxial cable with insulated center wire and four layers of shielding. Supports multiple channels and digital data. Used for cable TV, digital satellite, cable modem and high speed interactive video services
High-quality Quad shielded coaxial video cable used to transmit video signals throughout the home.
RG6 cable is now specified for most new coaxial cabling in homes. It uses an 18 gauge center conductor and typically is quad-shielded (4 shields: 2 foil and 2 braids). It too uses an "F" connector which can be connected to those used by RG59. However, the connectors are different due to the RG6 cable's thickness. It is suitable for distribution of all cable and satellite system video as well as for cable modem distribution.